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We're Fanatical About Your Privacy does not own any domain names whose contact information is protected by our Whois privacy protection service.
Please note, privacy service is bound by the domain's Registration Agreement.
Please see the domain's Registration Agreement with its registrar for details.

privacyadvocate / agreement Service Agreement

For Domain Owners is owned and operated by 3501256 Canada Inc.'s Whois Privacy service is intended to help protect domain owners from unsolicited and unwanted email, telephone calls, and solicitations sent by postal mail. It is not intended to shield the identity of individuals or companies that want to engage in illegal activities and or engage in the types of abuse we try to protect our users from.

As a domain owner, use of our privacy service is provided through your domain registrar, under the terms of the registration agreement you will have agreed to at the time you registered or transferred your domain name to your registrar.

The terms and conditions under which you may use our Whois privacy service are defined in the registration agreement with your registrar. The particular terms that apply to our service will be found in the section entitled "Whois Privacy Agreement".

In layman's terms, the terms of service include

For the full binding text of your agreement, please see your Registrar's Registration Agreement.

For Registrars and Resellers

If you are looking to integrate our Whois privacy service into the offerings you provide your clients, please contact our sales team. We'll work with you to draw up an agreement for our privacy service, and help you integrate the necessary additional terms and conditions into your Registar/Reseller agreement for your customers.

We maintain and enforce a strict Acceptable Use Policy.